FAQ: Excel How to … ?

Free sample macros, spreadsheets, templates are grouped and linked below. Customizations are available upon request.  Please see the "Special Tools" and Best Practices Sections below

  • System
  • Data Cleanup when pasted or inherited from unknown source??
    • Excel / Word: How to extract hyperlinks from entire sheet or selection?
    • Excel / Word: How to remove graphics pasted from outside?
    • Excel: Can a shortcut key append date and time stamp into a cell?
    • Excel: How to extract and list hyperlinks hidden by labels?
    • All: How to undo Windows “smart quotes” and auto-punctuation to normal?
    • Excel: Clean up large tables ? (trim,replace multiple spaces, double-byte characters? )
    • Macros: How to obfuscate – weak password scrambling?
    • Macros: String Cleanup: Trim, Chomp, Nibble, Illegal File Characters
  • Excel:  How to manage, find, create many tabbed spreadsheets?
    • My spreadsheet has many tabs - some are filtered and don't show data - how can I un-filter and re-filter them as they were?
    • How to give all tabs unique / uniform header / footer  / Page Number for Printing?
    • How to list and select and to go tab
    • How to unfilter, restore data filter?
    • How to write all tab names to an empty column or row?
    • How to Create multiple tabs from a list?
  • CONVERSION (common vbA, vbS)
    • DEC2bin - convert decimal number to  binarybin2dec - convert binary number to decimal
    • How to hide and recover a password? obfuscate (string) deobfuscate (string)
    • Strip unwanted characters (your choice)
  • Excel: Pretty Presentation & Print - Conditional Format and more
    • How to alternate line background - blue-bar?
    • How to autosize height, width, wrap to avoid clipped cells?
    • to quickly identify Pass, Fail, Block and out of range data?
    • Quick find- color highlight differences - compare two large grids
    • Excel: STOP WATCH? (How can) Excel  mimic a  stop watch and record each event with a keystroke?! - download or email on request
    • Excel: Automatically List and Graph test progress metrics - free
    • Excel: Horse Race 'application' demonstrates complex unit conversion
    • Excel: Export into HP ALM Quality Center - onsite
    • OUTLOOK - backup selected emails and attachments - free
    • MS-Access: Inventory, Service History, Task Tracking - onsite
    • PowerPoint:  fix broken Asian word-wrapping in multiple panels / sheets - free

BEST PRACTICE ALERT: TEST your default security
and SCAN BEFORE downloading ANY product with MACROs.
This can be handled by most modern anti-virus software (I use
Eset) *AND* by setting your Excel, or Word Options | Trust settings to highest security.
Consumer bears full responsibility to scan for unexpected code errors, malware or viruses.