Excel to the Horse Races

Download Excel to the Horse Races
A working demonstration of unit conversion between old and new methods.

In this case COMPARE same Horse in different TRACKS and CONDITIONS:
furlongs, meters, feet, yards!  (Screenshots and download links below).

Conversion Demonstration - furlongs, meters, yards, miles

BEST PRACTICE ALERT: TEST your default security
and SCAN BEFORE downloading ANY product with MACROs.
This can be handled by most modern anti-virus software (I use
Webroot) *AND* by setting your Excel, or Word Options | Trust settings to highest security.

Consumer bears full responsibility to scan for unexpected code errors, malware or viruses.

Excel macro worksheet (equus044b1.xlsm) (optional Active-X button and macro in first sheet to simplify default setting.)

Excel sheet ".xlsX" - no macro (button) (no local macro: ActiveX buttons only work in local tab: use a "form button" element to if you want to call a button handler from the local macro template in folder "XLStart")